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Alexei Semenov
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A. Semenov
Alexei Semenov
Post-Prize Links

Prof. Alexei Semenov about Math Education Conception, tallking with president Vladimir Putin
ONF Forum, Rostov-na-Donu, 2014
Prof. Alexei Semenov about International Forum "Eurasian Educational Dialogue
Yaroslavl TodayLive Channel, April 2013
Teacher in the pocket of mass distance learning technology
Panel discussion.
"Open Innovation" TV. July 2014

School mathematics of the XXI century in Russia and in the world
Plenary report. Novosibirsk, November 2015
The future of the exam and mathematical education
16th Pedagogical Marofon. 2017
Multidimensionality of the results of mathematical education
Pedagogical marathon 2018, Math teacher day
Digital environment and personalization tools
Strategic session "Learning to learn: an answer to the challenges of the 21st century." Moscow, October 2017
Education as a resource for the development of society
Lecture in MPGU, 2015
Non-standard approaches in self-education
Sberbank Corporate University, December 2017
Qualitative theory of algorithms
Summer School "Contemporary Mathematics", Dubna
July 21, 2012

Papers & Presentations
BRICS Conference. Lecture Pressentation. October 2015
Program for development and implementaion of IT-platform for transition of mass school to personalized competence-based education.
Presentation of Lecture, 2018
Plenary report at the Congress of teachers of mathematics. December 2018
In memoriam Seymour Papert (February 29, 1928, Pretoria, South Africa — July 31, 2016, Blue Hill, Maine, USA)
Educational Studies (Voprosy Obrazovania), Moscow, 2017, No 1
Presentation for plenary lecture, Computer Assisted Mathematics Conference, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, July 2019.

By Alexei Semenov and Tatiana Rudchenko. English translation of the first part of three-part course of Informatics for primary school.
Collection of informational and methodological materials about the project "Informatization of the education system", 2005 (Alexei Semenov's part - pp. 12–14)
Analytical survey by Ivan Kalaš, prof. Alexei Semenov is one of contributors. UNESCO, 2010